Xanthella has an active programme of research underpinning our technology. The influence of different parameters of light (intensity, wavelength, flash rate, etc) on both growth and on the production of target compounds is known but poorly understood; there is great potential for improving the cost effectiveness of algal production through tailoring the light regime in PBRs. The ideal we are working toward is technology which will allow users to enter the strain of algae they are using and the desired production of a target compound, and the Zeus unit will automatically configure the PBR for optimal production. There is also potential for improving algal production using solar light through wavelength manipulation and light guiding, and we have a research programme in collaboration with the University of St Andrews studying this.

Species we have worked on:

Chaetoceros muelleri • Chlamydomonas acidophila • Chlorella sorokiniana •
Dunaliella primolecta • Desmodesmus subspicatus • Fragilaria sp. •
Isochrysis galbana • Limnoraphis robusta • Nannochloropsis sp. •
Phaeodactylum tricornutum • Porphyridium cruentum • Synechocystis sp. • T-isochrysis lutea

Arthrospira platensis • Lyngbya majuscula • Synechocystis sp

Macrocystis pyrifiera (gametophytes) • Palmeria palmata

Circular economy

There is considerable interest globally in using algae as part of integrated solutions to waste and pollution problems, either as a stand-alone technology or in conjunction with other technologies such as anaerobic digestion or microbial fuel cells. Xanthella is working with a number of other companies, academic groups and public sector bodies to investigate the potential of algae to form a major component of the Circular Economy. Using waste carbon dioxide and nutrients from industrial processes to grow algae for biofuels is an obvious target and may provide an answer to problems of fuel security in islands and other remote communities. Alternatively, the algae can be used to produce high value compounds either for local use or for export, strengthening local economies.

Xanthella was one of the leading partners of the novel ASLEE / ENBIO projects, aiming to fully explore the potential use of algae alongside renewable electricity in providing new industry to rural parts of Scotland. This project was supported by various agencies including Zero Waste Scotland and the Local Energy Challenge Fund, with partners including Robert Gordon’s University, the University of Strathclyde, and ALIenergy. More recently we have been engaged with supplying PBRs to the Dornoch Environmental Enhancement Project (DEEP), which is working on oyster reintroduction in Dornoch Firth.

Future partnerships

Xanthella is keen to be involved in challenging R&D projects that can use our technology and expertise. Our management team have extensive experience of participating in and managing R&D programmes at both national and international level. We are an independent SME so an ideal partner for Horizon Europe projects and for any industry-led programmes. Please contact us if you have a project you think we may be interested in.




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