Xanthella Algae Photobioreactors

Xanthella – Illuminating Algae

Our Phycophotâ„¢ range of photobioreactors aims to provide our customers with the best, most affordable equipment available in the world for growing algae

This rapidly expanding range couples innovative design with leading-edge material, lighting and control technologies.

Xanthella has a unique approach to photobioreactor ownership in that we provide systems that are extremely flexible and with simple, modular base models that can be added to as your needs expand and become more sophisticated.

This means you pay for only the features and capacity you need but also allows you to easily and quickly expand your cultivation system.

We also provide consultancy and services to our customers and are active in cooperative research programmes. Whether you are looking to run a lab bench experiment, scale up a tricky to grow micro-algae or design an ambitious project to grow algae at industrial quantities, we are here to help you.

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We have recently been nominated for The Scottish Rural Awards